The Inkspot Cloud Platform


Inkspot provides a portable cloud platform that can be deployed on both public (Amazon and Azure) and private clouds. The platform offers a set of high-level services to reduce the cost of producing scalable, secure cloud applications. These include data storage in files and databases, service execution, workflow enactment, fine-grained security and audit (Figure 1). Inkspot offers two interfaces:

  1. a Software as a Service, browser-based interface through which users can deploy code, create and run workflows, and upload data.
  2. an API which allows all the features of the platform to be exploited by applications including web apps, mobile apps and back-office services.

inkspot architecture

While cloud computing has the potential to provide cheap, scalable computing power, many organizations are deterred from realizing these benefits because of concerns over security, lock-in and complexity. Inkspot addresses all three concerns, allowing organizations to:

deploy anywhere